Most Exciting Fort Rodd Hill Events of 2020

There are significant events organized at Fort Rodd Hill every year for families to enjoy. But sadly, due to the conditions going on globally, no exciting Fort Rodd Hill evets got organized in 2020. Every day there are memorable Canada day celebrations also organized at Fort Rodd Hill, and thousands of people enjoy that. But this year, that too postponed. But soon, the situation in the world will get better, and Fort Hill will celebrate every event in all its glory. Though if you are excited for Canada day celebrations or other exciting Fort Rodd Hill events that happen there, we will tell you about all of them.

  1. Water Gun War Events

Fort Hill is in Victoria city of British Columbia, which is a province in Canada. And the most prominent water gun war event in Victoria gets organized in Fort Rodd Hill every year. People are so happy and passionate about this event and take part in it. Most of them come from other cities of British Columbia and have fun. The event is held annually in Fort Hill, so the anticipation for that is real.

  • Glamping

This term glamping might sound weird to you, and maybe you have never heard about this term. But don’t worry, we are here to tell you about it. Glamping is a combination of two words, i.e., glamorous and camping. Fort Rodd Hill’s beautiful hills are best for glamping, and every year there are certain glamping events and activities that get organized there. People get a high from camping on hills.

  • Victoria SKA and Reggae festival

Ska is the music genre that was for the first time originated in Jamaica, and Reggae is rocky beat music. The music festival has been happening for almost 20 years. Usually, the festival starts in Victoria right after the winter season ends.  

  • Canada day celebrational events.

Both Fort Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse got closed due to the situations going on, and Canada day didn’t get celebrated in 2020 like every year. But next year, hopefully, all the Canada day celebrational events will get organized again. Every year there is a gun salute event organized at the Fort Rodd Hill beach. And musicians perform for the general public gathered there. Many people get dressed in period costumes and take fun photographs and enjoy.

  • Victoria JazzFest

The Victoria jazz fest is a ten-day musical event in which hundreds of local and international musicians and amazing singers participate. People are crazy about this event. Victoria’s JazzFest offers its dedicated crowd a vast extent of programming similar to a lot bigger celebrations in fundamentally more significant metropolitan regions.

  • Victoria’s Indigenous Cultural Festival

The last of our exciting Fort Rodd hill events is Victoria’s indigenous cultural festival. The festival is for three days and is too colorful. The festival is to celebrate the indigenous people who were in Canada before the British people invaded Canada.

The events list that happened every year at Fort Rodd hill is long. But we will like to conclude it here.